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In today’s commercial competition of globe, local representative-offices operating in China are essential for small and medium oversea companies to enhance their capability in competition. We are a strategic sourcing organisation with highly strict operation in every step of international purchasing, your superb partner in local China.


Not every Business has available resources to deploy an outsourcing strategy. Exportise is a professional, yet low-cost outsourcing solution specialising in SMEs requiring added value via a streamlined supply chain. Exportise directly engages with the customer and factory alike, manages the trading relationship, quality control and ongoing product development. With a local team of quality control & quality assurance professionals based in China, Exportise ensures that the customer’s quality cost & delivery needs are fully satisfied.

With the cost of manufacturing overseas often being substantially less than your local countries, many Companies have chosen to outsource products, particularly from the Far East. Substantial cost savings can be made – yet for many SMEs the sheer prospect of importing, especially from China, is a daunting one, not only from a process perspective, but also from a cultural point of view.

Exportise has over 10 years first hand experience outsourcing products from China. Having developed strategic Quality Assurance and Quality Control alliances in China, Exportise can offer proven outsourcing solutions on a project specific, or a contractual basis.