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Product Sourcing: This is a strategic hunting process that Exportise International Limited utilises its skills, sourcing experiences and accumulative resources to hunt out the items that are in accord with customers?requirements.

New Product Development: Improving and updating product lines is vital to many organizations?business survival and growth. Exportise International Limited is a senior expert with more than 10 years experience in New Product Development. At Exportise International Limited, from the prototype to the mass production, we work for our clients to implement a systematic, strategic New Product Development process.

Cost-Down Research: Achieving the most competitive prices is one of the critical factors in commercial competition. Our Cost-Down Research service will first all-aroundly analyse the products that clients deliver to us. We’ll then use our experience to select the most professional industrial place, after that we will get the quotations from at least five different qualified manufacturers to build up the Prices-Comparison Report. The objective is: to obtain the most competitive prices without compromising the products qualities.

Price Negotiation: This is the follow-up step after Cost-Down Research. During these years, Exportise International Limited has been gathering the data of profit rates in different products lines, it allow us to know how much reduction could be maximumly negotiated with the manufacturers. While utilizing the excellent relationship with our manufacturers to achieve competitive prices, we will also make a detailed strategy to further negotiate for the lowest prices.

Target Manufacturer Audit: How can you be sure that the target manufacturer is actually qualified and competent for producing the goods in accord with your requirements?

Exportise International Limited will execute a factory assessment before our customers place the orders. To identify and qualify the right suppliers for our customers, Exportise International Limited will perform a rigorous evaluation process involving:

Factory environment Factory equipments and facilities Production line and capacity Quality assurance system Factory’s current products Certifications Ability, experience and size of engineering staff Ability, experience and size of management team Hygiene-Security Social accountability

Production Monitoring: Exportise International Limited offers Production Monitoring service to supervise the manufacturing process after customers place orders and will ensure that the final goods meet your specification and schedule. We will send one of our supervisors to the factory for checking the production every week, and a detailed Production Monitoring Report will be sent out to you weekly so you can know the situation of your goods in producing.

Quality Inspection: After production completion, products quality is the most important aspect that customers concern about. Exportise International Limited will send out qualified inspectors to the factories to perform detailed and rigorous inspection for verifying if the finished goods conform to customers? requirements. Our Quality Inspection covers the aspects as below:

Product appearance inspection Workmanship inspection. Safety and function inspection. Quantity inspection. Assortment inspection. Colors inspection. Size & measurements inspection. Weight inspection. Functionality inspection. Accessories inspection. Labeling & logos inspection. Packaging & packing (including the shipping marks) inspection. any other special requirements you may have…

Customs Clearance: In mainland China, there are a lot of manufacturers which are only involved with domestic market and they hardly sell their products directly to the international market, but this style of manufacturers are greatly potential resources when Exportise International Limited sources for its oversea customers. In this way, Exportise International Limited will take charge of local customs clearance and exporting.

Customs Clearance involves:

Sales Contract Commercial Invoice Packing List Customs Declaration Verification And Writing-off Form VAT Invoice Customs Declaration Entrustment Letter Storage Entrustment Letter Commodity Inspection Certification Export Licence Booking Form

Freight Forwarding: Sometimes, some manufacturers may only deal with FOB term due to the risk of the floating freight cost but buyers need CIF term. In such a case, Exportise International Limited will offer Freight Forwarding service to its customers. Here Exportise International Limited has strong connection with some freight agents such as Panalpina, Joinus Freight, Rockwood, TRI-UNION, etc, which will surely deliver superb service to our customers.


Prices are given after careful consideration of your needs.

  • For projects and smaller cooperation, we give an over-all price, no hidden fees.
  • For long term cooperation, you will have value discounts.

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