We have experienced a 40 day Covid-19 epidemic in China. We have basically returned to normal production and life in China. Now we see the same situation in your country, We are also particularly concerned about your protection, family life and other situations. We would like to share some of our thoughts and experiences with you, and hope that you can pay attention to them.

At present, there is no specific medicine, it belongs to respiratory disease, the disease spread very fast, and will lead to cardiopulmonary failure seriously. It mainly relys on self resistance, early prevention is important before vaccines and specific drugs appear. We read the relevant reports and found that the overseas are lack of crisis awareness in this regard. We will share all the experience with you.

Masks must be worn. Do not refuse to wear masks because of other people’s discrimination or different vision. Please wear masks for the safety of your family and people around you. It spreads through contact transmission, door handle, stair button and so on those are easy to contact. Virus invasion channels through the eyes and mouth. When you are back home from the public place , you have to wash hands and disinfect. Rinse with physiological saline to prevent the virus from entering the organ.
The most important thing is to prevent the recent cold, illness and so on, pay attention to warm ventilation. The most common symptoms are fever of 37.3 degrees or more, severe cough, excessive phlegm and organ blockage. Reduce the risk of fever, prepare some expectorant cough medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine. Phlegm blocks the organs and leads to respiratory failure. Keep regular medicine at home.
In public places, gathering, party, bar, shopping, subway, bus and other places, please keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters from others. What we are most worried about now is that the propaganda abroad is not in place, and it is very difficult for people suffering from basic diseases to pass through this. If there is a lack of mask resources, we will try our best to purchase and send them to you. We hope you can pay attention to it. Although it has not completely passed in China, it has controlled the spread. Remember not to go to the epidemic area. The infection rate is high. Let’s get through the difficulties together!


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